Tickets are now on sale!

Tickets are now on sale!
"Classic Duos:
The songs of Simon & Garfunkel, Everly Brothers and Aztec Two-Step"
$28 ($25 members)


By popular demand – the Hurdy Gurdy welcomes back Aztec Two-Step – who will be performing a very special “duos” concert! In this special evening, they will honor the pure poetry of the legendary Simon & Garfunkel and the seminal songs and harmonies of the remarkable Everly Brothers. And as the other "classic duo," they'll perform their own fan favorites as well.

Bursting on the scene in 1972, folk-rock duo Aztec Two-Step quickly became staples of progressive FM and college radio. Taking their name from a poem by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, they were credited with helping to usher the music of the 1960s into the '70s and beyond with their self-titled debut on Elektra Records and three subsequent albums for RCA Records. 

Recording and touring non-stop since the ‘70s, Rex Fowler & Neal Shulman have accumulated over forty years of awards, accolades and TV and radio appearances. They have been the subject of the documentary “No Hit Wonder” that aired on PBS, have appeared on the David Letterman show, World CafĂ© Live and King Biscuit Flour Hour, and have graced countless stages including those of Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. With their intelligent songwriting, dazzling acoustic lead guitar & inspiring harmonies, the duo continues to be one of acoustic music's most respected & enduring acts. 

From the beginning, Aztec Two-Step was reviewed as having the “east coast sensibility,” “intellectual lyricism” and “ethereal harmonies” of their legendary predecessors Simon & Garfunkel. So while possessing a rich musical legacy of their own, it only made sense that they would choose to interpret and perform the timeless songs and harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel and The Everly Brothers.

“…the right sound at the right time
…beautiful acoustic guitar playing and questioning lyrics
…songs performed with forceful vocals
and near perfect instrumental harmonies.”
- Variety

$25 ($22 members) 


Seeing Christine Lavin or Don White is a treat. Seeing Christine Lavin and Don White is an experience. Between the two of them, they have more than 40 years of combined experience making music and laughter.

The Lavin/White co-bills have packed audiences in wherever they’ve played, from the Regent Theatre in Boston to The Ark in Ann Arbor Michigan. Audiences get a one-hour shot of each performer during their solo sets, and then a free-for-all when White and Lavin take the stage together and display the kind of chemistry you get from old friends and seasoned performers. You’ll never see the same show twice.

“It doesn’t sound like a folk concert, it sounds like a comedy concert,” says White of his laughter inducing co-bills with Lavin. “We rehearse and we rehearse and then inevitably, she’ll throw something at me that I have no idea about, with a mischievous grin that lets me know she’s been thinking about it all afternoon. Just to see what will happen. And she’s taught me to do the same.”

“It's hard to describe what it is that Don does onstage, because there simply isn't anyone out there like him,” says Lavin. “I'm a brave performer to share the bill with someone who knocks audiences out the way like he does. But I've discovered if audiences know me and don't know him -- they become instant fans of his. If they know him and don't know me, the same thing seems to happen for me. Everybody wins.”

Christine Lavin is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter, author, and knitter. She released her memoir, Cold Pizza for Breakfast: A Mem-wha??, in 2010. She is also a founding member of the popular folk collective, The Four Bitchin’ Babes. 

Don White just released Winning Streak, his first studio album since 2003.  Don is a celebrated singer/songwriter/storyteller who has released eight albums and two DVDs. His book, Memoirs Of A C Student, is available in print and for the Kindle and Nook. Lavin and White have also released a digital only live album, Live At the Ark: The Father’s Day Concert, available on

“Hearing that they are doing shows together is a dream-come-true for me, along with thousands of their other fans. That is not merely because they promise an evening of such fun and laughter. It is because of what they share, how they meld their comedic gift with the best instincts of modern folk music.”
- Scott Alarik, Folk music writer, the Boston Globe, Sing Out, NPR

With special guests
$25 ($22 members)

Back despite public demand, it's Modern Man!  That's right, folks.  Modern Man (David Buskin, George Wurzbach and Rob Carlson) rides again! 

From 1998 through 2010 audiences up and down the East Coast and in such far-flung outposts of civilization as Ohio, Florida and Texas, found Modern Man a delightful change of pace.

A cross between Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Marx Brothers - David Buskin, Rob Carlson and George Wurzbach are three celebrated singers and songwriters, "terrific instrumentalists with gorgeous voices and hilarious wits."  Together they quickly redefined something-or-other and delighted audiences as they interweaved themes ranging from God to Godzilla, from manliness to cluelessness, from ESPN to the FBI with a vocal blend that has not been heard since Ella and F. Scott Fitzgerald went their separate ways.

In 1998 Rob was performing at New York’s legendary “Bottom Line” for an album of comedy songwriters when he met songwriter David Buskin.  David introduced him to George Wurzbach and the three became Modern Man (joined originally by screen writer Andy Breckman, creator of the “Monk” TV series).  Modern Man went on to win Back Stage Magazine’s “Bistro Award” in 2002 for Best Musical Comedy and the 2008 New York Nightlife Award for best comedy group in New York.

Their debut CD, The Wide Album, recorded live at New York's "Bottom Line", their 2004 CD Modern Immaturity and their 2007 CD, Assisted Living are available on Rob Carlson's Website. ( – or come to the show to get your copy!

"...these guys are the Thomas Alva Edisons of humor.
They're inventive. You know, the bulb goes on." 

* * *
Opening the evening will be The Levins.  Pronounced “The L'Vins”,  Ira and Julia Levin combine harmony-driven acoustic folk rock with wistful overtones of the 1930s and the intention of putting a smile on your face. Original tunes, guitar, piano and voices provide a full sound with unexpected harmonies and unique arrangements. It's Happy-Folk, Smile Pop....sounds like The Mamas and The Papas having coffee with Cole Porter. 2011 Winners of the Connecticut Folk Festival Songwriting Competition.

"Everyone needs this music." 
-Larry Kelp, KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley

With special guest
$20 ($17 members)

The Johnson Girls are Joy Bennett, Alison Kelley, Bonnie Milner, and Deirdre Murtha. Widely acclaimed for their powerhouse performances of rousing work songs, haunting ballads and laments, and hair-raising harmonies, The Johnson Girls have performed at major festivals, clubs, coffeehouses, and more across the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Europe, have performed live on Oscar Brand’s radio show, France Bleu radio and appeared on French TV. 

The Johnson Girls is an energetic all-woman a cappella ensemble, performing traditional and contemporary music with an emphasis on songs of the sea and shore. With a sound that has been called “exciting,” “haunting,” and “uplifting,” the Johnson Girls give powerhouse performances that bring audiences to their feet wherever they go.

Each of The Johnson Girls brings a specialty and style to the ensemble.  Their extensive repertoire includes songs with an Afro-Caribbean influence, of the inland waterways, of fishing, mining, Irish, Anglo-American, Italian, French, and Canadian ballads and work songs, and much more.  The Johnson Girls bring a unique interpretation to their repertoire while preserving the traditional roots of their music.

Sea music may well have been the first “world music.”  Ships were often melting pots, with crew members from many countries who were heavily influenced by the music they heard while traveling around the world and from other crew members.  These sailors incorporated into their work songs and other shipboard music the different rhythms and styles from their own often diverse cultures as well as those they encountered during their voyages.  Each of The Johnson Girls was captivated by this music at different times in their lives, and came together in 1997 following the Mystic Seaport Sea Music festival to burst through the barrier of this previously male dominated genre.

 “The Johnson Girls, shanty singers from America, took the place by storm….Those who thought a shanty singer had to be male, bearded and with a beer gut, had better think again.”
– Cornwall Guardian

* * *

Opening the evening will be Rick Nestler.  A Coast Guard licensed Master with a 100 ton ticket, an actor, a singer and a songwriter, Rick can truly bring the songs of the sailor (both traditional and contemporary) to life.  He has learned the arts of the chantyman working aboard large traditionally rigged vessels such as the sloop Clearwater,  the schooner Voyager  and the square rigged ship HMAV Bounty.  He has appeared at folk festivals and coffeehouses throughout the Northeast as well as Mystic Seaport and South Street Seaport Museums. Rick’s song “The River That Flows Both Ways” has been recorded by both Joe Heukerott and the late Pete Seeger and has become an anthem for those who care about the Hudson River.

“The Terror of the River, raffish Rick Nestler”
- Pete Seeger

The Fair Lawn Community Center at 10-10 20th Street in Fairl Lawn, NJ

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